Cosmo Deck

A highly thematic space slides deck built with company pitch presentations in mind.

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The Cosmo Deck was built for an early-stage company creating a product for use in space and on Earth. This company already had a logo and some branding ideas, but wanted to take their pitch deck to the next level. Due to their connection to outer space, I took it upon myself to create a deck themed around space that would be applicable in pitch settings. This means creating something interesting and fun, but still able to get a lot of data across.

I was the designer of this project. The data was given to me and I was tasked in presenting it in a way that would get the company funding from investors. The goal was to have something that could explain for itself if the team wasn't able to present it in person. The timeline was three weeks and it was specifically made for Google Slides.

The end product can be viewed here.

Technology Used:

  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Google Slides
  • Adobe Stock Photos

The Research and Process

The very first step, before beginning any design, was speaking to the company and discovering what they were looking for. They wanted something modern, sleek, and creative, allowing them to showcase their data. I got a few key takeways that influenced my design:

  • Product built for space and on Earth
  • A focus on aviation
  • A mix of dark and light colors to draw users to the deck
  • Modern and sleek
  • Capable of showcasing information

The first design step in creating this deck was to think about the branding of the company and set some base colors and type faces. I selected a navy blue  (#0A1625), a soft blue (#7B8897), and a beige (#E5E5E5). The navy blue is the main color of the deck because it was great for layering white text and it also reminded me the most of outer space.

For the typeface, I wanted a great san-serif display font that communicated a modern sleek feel. I picked Raleway and used it mostly in the Normal and Light weights.

When it came to designing the slides themselves, I took the approach of designing each slide individually, meaning there was no templating done. I looked at the information needed for each slide, the ratio of text vs pictures, and set up the slide accordingly. I wanted to make sure each slide had a logical way of reading to ensure the data got across even if someone wasn't presenting it. I used a lot of navy blocks, circular cut outs, and concentric lines to invoke ideas about orbits in space.

Design Iterations

For the privacy of the company, direct information about this product is not available and so some of the design iterations are not able to be showcased. However, after the initial designs were complete, the data started going in. Now, the deck that you see linked above clearly does not have data in it, but the designs are capable of shifting depending on what needs to be written on the slide.

The end product can be viewed here.