LeaderU offers professional certificates to college students who complete FranklinCovey courses. I helped redesign the site housing the content.

My Role
User research, prototyping in Figma, UX/UI design
Implemented a mini design system
Collaborate with developers and key stakeholders
Improved ease of use for site users
Decreased design to dev handoff time

We needed to modernize the LeaderU site and improve the usability for different user types.

In the initial discovery session, the product manager and I worked through some of the issues with the LeaderU site. With the development of a design system across the LeaderinMe (a partner organization) platform, the design system needed to be implemented in LeaderU. With that, the stakeholders wanted the page to be modernized. To the right, you can see the original look of the site.

This brought us to the first mockup in Figma.

First Mockup Changes
Removed a lot of the navy color to decrease heaviness
Transitioned to a top navigation
Played with horizontal course cards
Addressed accessibility issues
First Mockup Results
The page was cleaner and less packed with content
The design system was implemented
Progress tracking
The hero image didn't do much in terms of UX
The horizontal cards took up too much space

The second mockup solved even more issues, but it wasn't finished yet.

Second Mockup Changes
Divide content with active, completed, and all courses with tabs across the top
Added percentage progress tracking
Second Mockup Results
Took up even less space on the page
The horizontal cards were still not working

Finally, we came to a great conclusion.

Final Mockup Changes
Content was divided into columns and cards
Cards flipped on hover to show content description
Career Readiness and Programs added as carousels
Final Mockup Results
Information about courses was accessible
All 6 courses were able to be viewed quickly
All the content was on one main page