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Virtutis Infinitae

In the realm of Merania, King Kalen has issued a proclamation seeking a brave adventurer. Their mission: navigate the mortal world's dangers to find the lost pages of The Virtutis Infinitae.


Forgotten across the expanses of existence countless ages past, these fragmented pages hold the key to boundless power, capable of reshaping reality itself. Yet, such power also bears the potential for unfathomable chaos if wielded by the wrong hands. Within these pages lies the fate of Elsum, your cherished homeland. But whose hands does the tome belong in?

A Fantasy Adventure Game

The Virtutis Infinitae is a fantasy adventure game that allows you, the player, to become one of three characters in the world of Elsum.

The game features over 15,000 words, 70 different choices, 24 pieces of custom bit-style art, 3 playable characters, 1 way to win and countless ways to lose.

Based on the text adventure games of old, The Virtutis Infinitae is an exploration of what choices you will make when presented with world changing power.

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